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Greetings from our Garden

Garden of Angels School inspires the natural, free form, authentic, discovery, of each students unique spirit from preschool through first grade. Our Garden Vision is re- defining education. We are not newcomers to the alternative scene. We are pioneers, architects, shaping and crafting our own successful foundation and working model on behalf of "Wholistic" education. For over 22 years, we have been practicing our genuine desire to radically transform education and steward a learning environment of freedom and delight, where educators empower students to organically step into the fullness of their true identity and destiny. We do not want to mold our students minds into predictable shapes by a standard curriculum. Each growing child is this precious cluster of unique treasure and the possibilities that exist in that treasure will unfold as that child moves through distinct phases of development. At each stage of development every child needs the right kind of support and the right kind of environment, to securely move to the next stage. We are that right kind of support and environment. Garden will find and honor the treasure in every child.

Our students are awakened

Our students are awakened to the illustrious landscape of learning and the divine sanction of possibility where they are given the enterprising appetite to embrace all of their hopes, dreams and visions . . . a sanctuary that grows their imagination and incites their curiosity to uncover who they are designed to be. Garden has a powerful, natural way of drawing high academic performance and individual potential out of each of our students. Every student learns differently. We design our academic environments to reach beyond mind-numbing standards.

Our balance of emotional and intellectual IQ

We focus on the important balance between emotional IQ and intellectual IQ, giving our students the advantage to experience, explore and practice various ways to research answers and conclusions, find solutions and strengthen cognitive, creative, social and emotional muscles. Our Vision facilitates a personal, compelling, face-to-face encounter with learning where our students demonstrate genuine manifestations of their individual gifts and talents.

We believe that every student has a special calling

We believe that every student has a special calling placed on their life. Our Garden Ideology aspires to accurately mirror an environment where students are limited by nothing and liberated by everything. As we journey down this Garden path, the only certainty in life is that we will be given opportunities to shift, stretch, reach and grow. Life is a gift . . . a gift that we continually harvest in the form of potential relationships, experiences and adventures.

We are all given a free will

We are all given a free will . . . each and every one of us gets to choose what type of a Garden we will plant and what we will gather. The seeds we sow determine how rich the bounty. Garden of Angels School cultivates the fertile ground of a vibrant, healthy community that nurtures the unique and sacred spirit of each of our beloved students.

A well-balanced child

We believe a well-balanced child receives equal support from home and school. It is in our parents best interest to use a teaching style and discipline consistent and similar to that of Garden of Angels School. We ask that Parents be in regular, positive communication with our faculty. If we work closely together to develop the best possible strategies for each student, the benefits and progress will be paramount.

Garden students will leave our school with the courage to live powerfully and make a difference in the world. 

The Garden of Angels School Philosophy develops World Changers and History Makers.

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Let it Go Performance

Students from Harmony House and Rainbow Room perform "Let It Go" at Garden of Angels School in Santa Monica, California. (06/12/14)

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