Growing Roots Pre- K Mixer

Growing Roots is our once a month, Pre-K mixer between the Pre-K students and the TK - Grade 2 Angel Scout teachers. This 2 hour experiential, in - action classroom will build a stronger foundation of understanding and knowledge of the importance of our multi-age approach to education. We will offer this opportunity to both of our Pre-K classrooms.

Our Angel Scout Team Teachers will share the vision of how and why real, whole education, in the early years, powerfully transforms who students will be later in life.Pre-K students will have the great fortune of engaging in multi- level academics, performing and fine arts,communication and conflict resolution activities, with a theme, so they can begin to step into an even more challenging part of their education. These monthly mixers will bridge an exciting relationship and strong foundation with our multi- age program. Students are a dynamic constellation of experiences, feelings, ideas, fears, hopes and dreams. Each student is a unique and meaningful pattern of influences, actions and thoughts that shape who they can and will become with proper care and feeding.

The Growing Roots Pre-K Mixer will water and nurture your child's many individual talents. Garden has a way of planting seeds that reach deeply into each students soul and spirit to help them reveal their true, unbelievable selves.