Growing Wings Afterschool Program

Our afterschool program takes flight. There's a reason why students have a difficult time leaving Garden at days end… "Growing Wings." These classes are offered to our Garden students as an added bonus to our school day.

Each month the theme of these classes will shift and coincide with our curriculum, but their awesomeness won't. Teachers focus their talents in areas of their own expertise and interests, bringing a valuable extension to our emergent curriculum Philosophy.

From Dancing Divas, to Bounce It, to Green Grocer to Garden Poets to Acting Awesome, to Hoopin Heros, to Badmitton, Batons and Balance Beams to Music Makersout of discarded containers, to That's The Way We Stroll.  Our Garden students will dance, sing, cook, stroll, talk and swing into the evening. From our youngest Angels to our older Scouts it will be a great end to every school day. Classes will change monthly and there will be three groups, one of which each student will be assigned. The three names of our after school groups are Peace Warriors, Unity Tribe and Earth Warriors.

Brace yourself for the Adventure!