Sunshine Classroom

We skip, run, jump, somersault, hoola-hoop, explore and laugh on our journey to meaningful learning in the Rainbow Room. We keep our students engaged and moving! It is not natural for young children to sit still for long periods of time and conform to inflexible schedules and unforgiving routines.

Colorful conversations
There is never a lack of colorful conversations, creativity and downright mind- blowing academic growth and development. As our students grow out into the world, their experience grows deeper and connections become more meaningful. At this age, our Pre-K students are able to practically and comprehensively demonstrate a lot of what they are learning as more independent students. Their inquiry and application have began to deepen and expand. Their conversations, reasoning and creativity is blossoming at a striking rate.

Intellect springs forth
The intellect of our Rainbow students springs naturally and organically from their interests and curiosities. There is no need for an artificial structure, only a need for us to help our students navigate, grasp and integrate the special parts of their learning, into a more genuine source of the meaningful whole.

The Great Inquirers
Not only are our students "Great Minds" and "Amazing Artists," they are the "Great Inquirers." We research everything together, we are fact - finding animals, with the spirit and drive to discover the unknown. This sets our classroom up to be full of all kinds of invention, imagination and investigation. Our classroom is on a daily treasure hunt for the delightful gems of knowledge.