Caterpillar Classroom

Our Sunshine Classroom is full of bright, enthusiastic, happy children. We are so grateful to have the opportunity as educators to draw out their gifts and talents. Children at this age have a contagious spirit of boundless energy and limitless learning. We are constantly enlivened as we observe them in play. We are blown away by the nature and depth of their questions and comments, as they move through lunchtime snacks and our exciting monthly themes.

Freedom to grow

In order to develop a healthy, whole child our classroom is designed with clear boundaries, freedom to play and a space to explore, dream and imagine.  It is known that invention lives inside a free mind.

We have noticed that our Sunshine students, if moving up from the Butterfly Lounge, have already begun to develop confidence and a strong sense of self. At this age, children are great imitators of their environment and the people in it.

A patient touch

As their Sunshine teachers we model life-serving behavior that gives our little bundles of light tools to effectively interact, respond and transition. We make sure to patiently give them a bit more room and time to practice developing their skills.

A day to remember

We have a blast in our classroom; we dance to the kids favorite tunes, paint with abandon, sing our hearts out, share important needs we have, build castles and towers out of blocks, invent stories, solve world problems, forge new lands because our Sunshine students have hopes, dreams and visions.

Gatekeepers of the future

Our pint- sized Angels are mighty learners, they are exceptionally intelligent beings, eager to have experiences, and yes they have specific interests, future dreams and needs. We act as the gatekeepers to all of their personal possibility. We focus on a learning climate that is joyful, engaging, inclusive and celebrated.

Our commitment to our students education is that it actually and divinely works! In our Sunshine Classroom we shine bright and we shoot for the stars, because that is where the love and light is!