Garden Landing Pad

The Well
We call our office, " The Well!" The students named it years ago as a safe place to visit when they need extra support and love. The Well is a space to work on and set reasonable, consistent boundaries and communicate solutions. It is not a punitive space where students are sent because they have done something wrong. If that occurs we lose powerful opportunities to promote student self-management, with our guidance. The Well is intended to act as a catalyst to a persons ability to make good, healthy and balanced choices that work. The Well, (our office), does not house Administrators that hide behind desks and paperwork, rather our office acts more as a Landing Pad. A soft place for questions, hurt feelings and a hurt finger to land. An open door for our community, for students, teachers and parents to get a listening ear and the support they need.

We play a vital role
We play a vital role in supporting our teachers, by offering support to our students. Though we want The Well to be a safe place people are welcomed, we spend a great deal of our time in the classrooms and playgrounds, interacting with our students and facilitating and implementing our Philosophy by working with and supporting our Team Teachers. We are here for faculty coaching or if a student needs some individual attention.

This approach distinguishes us
This approach is what distinguishes, separates and defines us, it causes our Philosophy to work like a well-oiled wheel. As Administrators, we are also both parents, so we continually ask ourselves, "what do we hope for our own children?" Those hoped for qualities and experiences are what we bring to our students and the classrooms.