Our Wholistic Approach to Curriculum

As you may have noticed when reading this handbook, we chose to spell “wholistic” with a “W” as a way to emphasize our inclusive approach to teaching, instead of the alternative way to spell it “holistic”, which implies “holes” instead of “wholes".

Better Balance of Values

At Garden of Angels School we have a hope of bringing better balance to inner- and outer-directed values. Over the last decade we have seen how new perspectives in consciousness studies suggest that both understanding and creativity in any field of endeavor, including the academic, is best served by the capacity to see patterns that connect and thus grasp the unbroken “wholes”. Our intention is to focus on the “wholes” not the holes. If one does not fill up the holes with exposure, experience and practice, one might fall in. Our desire is to have our students be confident, self-sufficient risk takers. Our commitment is for students to grow into their adult lives and move through diverse situations powerfully, knowledgably and successfully. If this is not practiced; it cannot be done. Our students are challenged to broaden their scope, look beyond the narrow view of the current belief system and consider the possibilities that supersede what is already proven, expected or imagined.


A Tapestry of Voices

Garden of Angels’ education is a tapestry of voices celebrating new discoveries. Each student is a different thread, weaving brilliant colors in and out of investigation, application and conversation. Each student is unique, providing their own texture of thought and creating his or her own pattern of being. Only together, through the process of teamwork and community, can these many pieces of silken thread become one expressed in the masterpiece.