Speak Part 1 December 2004
REARVIEW_MIRROR_Part 2 June 2005
Journey to the Land of Annalee 1998
Global Adventure 2003
Rearview Mirror 1 June 2005
Disneyland Hip Hop_T1
Know What June 2004
NEW_BEGINNING_December 2004
"Love Song" Ballet Routine - Garden of Angels Preschool - Holiday Performance 2011
Know What Pre School
Rearview Mirror

Garden of Angels Peformance.

Disneyland Hip Hop

Garden of Angels Performance.

Garden of Angels Overview 2005

Overview of our school.

Global Adventures

Global Adventure 2004

Butterfly girls
Garden of Angels 2012 - Boogie Fever

Students from the Garden of Angels pre-school in Santa Monica, CA perform a dance routine to The Sylvers 1976 hit "Boogie Fever."

Let it Go Performance

Students from Harmony House and Rainbow Room perform "Let It Go" at Garden of Angels School in Santa Monica, California. (06/12/14)